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…My golden rule for dressing on race day is less flesh and more dress!  J

-Stylistically for this season, you can choose this springs’ muted sorbet palettes like apricot, lime, watermelon or florals reminiscent of 1950’s.

-Dressing for race day is precision act in paring!  Work on combining the colour of dress and its’ most complimentary colour in accessories.  Once you have decided on your complimentary accent, pair that exact hue, in shoe, clutch, belt etc.  Judges love to see this attention to detail.

-Pastel and light colours reflect light and are cooler (and prettier) to wear when prancing around the field.

- A rule in race day dressing is to dress for the elegant spring day, not the nightclub.

-Always check that you can sit comfortably in the dress, so don’t go too far above the knee if you can avoid it.

-Do walk around in your new heels for a few days before the event to break them in.

-Always remember the shorter the skirt the lower the heel.

-Finally, when competing in the fashion on the field or being papped by photographers, remember the ladylike rule of taking your sunglasses off first!

-Don’t forget to have fun! –But your drink is not an accessory; do not carry a drink with you everywhere you go.


-Guys flirt your dandy side with Panama or a Fedora hat.  Don’t be concerned with colour matching the hat to your over all look, but do opt for subtle links with your belt or shoes.

-Spring racing suits are definitely not business suits; so don’t try to get away with your 9-5 suit.  Ideally light colours such as grey and beige are perfect!   Think “Mad Men’ Classic 1960’s style silhouettes.

-If you are not inclined to wear a flower on race day, definitely pull out a pocket square and match this to your shirt or shoes (NOT your tie.)

-In the shoe department lace-ups are a must. – Absolutely no boots or loafers.

-And while you are at it, why not have some fun with your socks?  Reference colour here to your over all colour scheme or look. P.S Guys, Ladies love men wearing a beautiful pair of colourful socks on race day - you will get more attention than if you were walking a pretty puppy in the park!

Insider Inspiration for the ladies…

BCBG Maxazria, (BurJuman Mall, Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates) is a quick fix for finding the perfect race day dress.  To reap further rewards the BCBG Maxazria 2012 collection also looks very wearable after the event.  By simply accessorizing with vintage jewellery these dresses are also ideal for dining out.

This season the BCBG Maxazria collection is all about sorbet coloured dresses and cute clutches.

EVE MICHELLE for exquisite race day hats.  Jumeirah Beach Road.  An Eve Michelle customer won ‘Best Hat’ at the Jaguar Lounge, 2011 Dubai World Cup.  Visit their new website, for a sneak peak.


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