Jaguar Style Stakes | Meet the Judges | Jessica Kahawaty

Jessica was born in Australia to Lebanese parents and went on to become the Winner of Miss Australia 2012 and 2nd runner up for Miss World 2012.

She is currently the brand ambassador for Roberto Coin Italian jewellery in the Middle East. Jessica was also chosen to be part of several global campaigns including her most recent ones such as Maybelline Cosmetics, Pepsi and Tiffany & Co.

Playing host to several high profile events in cities around Australia and Dubai, most notably the Masterchef Middle East Event alongside others for L’Oreal, VIVA, Vogue, Sofitel and Axe, she has been known to add her own flair and style wherever she goes.

Multi-talented, Jessica is an accomplished MC, role model, brand ambassador and commercial model. She brings with her a wealth of experience from the world’s international beauty pageant catwalks and this year will lend the Jaguar Style Stakes her keen eye for natural style and elegance.

Ahead of the 2014 Jaguar Style Stakes, we sat down with Jessica and asked her four questions:

1. What makes a great race day outfit really stand out?

Simple outfits balanced out with the right amount of accessories to make the outfit shine, makes for the perfect race day look. I believe it’s more about the way you carry your outfit and the personal stamp you add to it that make you stand out amongst the crowd, especially when we’ll be trying to find unique looks at the Jaguar Style Stakes.

2. Heels are essential to complete an outfit, what else is an absolute must?

Accessories! I love everything from the little additions like earrings and rings to big hats and fun fascinators. I don’t believe in matching every element to one another, rather complement each other and add more life to the outfit.

Another important thing is your hair, depending on the outfit you choose and your accessories you can either wear it up in a beautiful chignon or have it sleek and straight, it’s another aspect that you can play up or down for race day.

3. What’s your favourite fashion trend right now?

Pastels are in this season and make for the perfect shades for race day outfits. In terms of accessories I love the combination of rose gold and white gold in jewellery, which compliments the pastel hues.

Another trend I personally love and am guilty of is mixing patterns, I think finding the right combination of different patterns can really make an outfit come together and give it a stylish spin without hurting the eyes.

4. Desert island essentials?

Drink a lot of water! Initially when people always told me that you should drink a lot of water I never understood why until I experienced its effects myself. Drinking water is like a natural Botox to your cells and does wonders for your skin, I know we’ll all need our bottles of water under the hot sun at the Jaguar Style Stakes so come prepared!

I feel they can be both comfortable and stylish if they chose cuts and designs that suit their body type. Comfort is very important and can you help you carry your outfit that much better.

Be simple and classy, let the hats and accessories shine through.

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