Shot of the Day | XJ and C-X75

The XJ is the epitome of modern-day Jaguar and the C-X75 concept shows the direction the brand could take in the future. Welcome to Jaguar.


  1. On January 16, 2012 at 10:53 pm merylyn wrote:

    the xke is a beautiful car..always was. i have only see the pix of the new one, not so good, you’ve also avoided the same long narrow pix; the new xj, or with its door open doesn’t show off the silhouette; comparison of 4 door to 2 door sport xke doesn’t work…i say this with limited information and i have not seen the new models….so i could be really wrong….i’m into design…no tech stuff. to have an old one i always feel you need a stable; some of my friends have over the years hidden them in old garages… take them out occasionally for a late night drive…regards merylyn

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